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Please read the following carefully before using

If any term specified in this page is not appropriate for you, please do not use website. Using the website and filling in the form which will contain your personal details mean that you accept the terms written in these pages in advance. reserves the right to change the general and special conditions specified below at any time. When you visit, it is important to refresh this page in order to view the terms of membership and use that may change.

1 Terms of Use and Security is a public website. The TEİD Academy has the right to charge a fee for the Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification Program and other trainings provided specifically for companies and individuals.

In the following cases, the site administration may block the use in the site and reserves legal rights for the person or persons attempting the following:

1 a. In case of uploading the incorrect, irregular, incomplete and misleading information as well as some information containing immoral statements and the one that is not in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey

1.b. In the case of use or attempt to use of the works and the content contained in the website for purposes different from the permissible ones by copying in whole or in part

1.c. In case of sharing the information such as user name, password given to the user or created by the user, and the rights of use with third parties or organizations (even if his/her password is used malevolently by another persons), the USER is directly responsible. Similarly, USER neither may use someone else’s IP address, e-mail address, user name and other information in internet environment, nor may access or use other users’ private information without permission. Any legal or criminal liability arising out of any such use belongs to the USER.

1.d. In case of using software and carrying out some activities that can threaten the general security of the website, or attempt to do that, or stealing, deleting, changing information

1.e. In the event that any fraud on campaigns, sales system and use of the website in such a way that the user causes a loss in, derives an improper personal benefit, performs repeated applications, carries out delusive practices, benefits form the advantages of campaigns in spite of the fact that he/she does not fulfil the required conditions by using any deficiency of campaigns,’s sales system, or website to damage, is detected, has the right, in addition to all rights arising from its law, to cancel such transactions, terminate the user’s membership, and immediately terminate the sales contract unilaterally.

2 Content Usage

2 a. The visual and written content presented at is for personal use. reserves all rights in the content of all texts, graphics, photographs, videos, animations in its content. Unless otherwise stated, it can not be used for commercial or personal purposes without permission and giving reference. It is forbidden to post any item on this site in any other channel or website or to share a link without the permission of

2.b. In addition, copying or use of software belonging to which is used in the design and database creation of these pages is strictly forbidden.

3 Responsibilities

3 a. The information of the users who visited (time of visit, time, pages viewed) are followed with the aim of serving them better. The information gained can be used in questionnaires, advertisements etc. to enrich and improve our content on condition that privacy principles are followed. You will receive an e-newsletter published monthly by TEİD which is the brand of TEİD Academy. If you do not want to receive the newsletter, simply click on the “unsubscribe” button under the newsletter.

3.b. A member of may start using the website by entering his/her e-mail address and password, subject to the conditions set forth in this contract after completing registration and confirming his/her e-mail address.

3.c While using the website and its services, the user agrees to comply with any announcements or notices that may be published in connection with’s services and the provisions of the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Intellectual and Artistic Works Law, the Decree Laws and Regulations on the Protection of Trademarks and Patent Rights, the Law on Obligations and all other relevant legislation provisions. All legal, criminal, and financial liabilities arising out of these notices and unlawful use belong to the member.

3.d If the member does not comply with the obligations set forth in this agreement or the general rules notified at the site of, member’s right of use at may be temporarily or permanently prevented and/or canceled by

3.e. The Member can not engage in any activities that prevent or obscure the use of other members and/or visitors of, nor shall he/she can not force or unload servers or databases with automatic programs. He/she can not attempt any deceptive action. Otherwise, it accepts any legal or criminal liability that may arise from this situation, such as termination of his/her membership.

3.f. It is the responsibility of the person to obtain a backup of the messaging made with and is recommended by can not be held responsible for loss, deletion and damage due to the inability to receive backups of the messages.

3.g. The user shall not delete or remove any copyrighted, printed, or printed material from under the Copyright, Trademark, and any Intellectual Property Rights Act.

3.h. The cancellation of membership and account deletion can be done by the customer via The user who has canceled the subscription will be denied access to the site. The person who has canceled the membership accepts that this process is not reversible.

3.i. is free to delete or not delete any record of the member account that has been terminated by or the member. The member can not claim any right or compensation for the deleted records.

3.j. Any relationship between the members and third parties or each other is the responsibility of the members of the website.

3.k. At the same time, the risks arising from links (text or images on a Web that serves as a route to another Web file or page on the Internet) to provide information and convenience to visitors to this site belong to visitors.

3.l. has the right to use all information related to your membership in connection with its marketing activities considering conditions of use, confidentiality principles and applicable legal regulations.

3.m. Different rules and obligations specific to the division can be specified in certain places of the site. Persons and organizations using these sections are deemed to have accepted the relevant rules in advance.

3.n. Please visit the “Confidentiality Agreement” page to learn the principles and practices for protecting the confidentiality of our members’ information.

The USER agrees that, since he/she begins to use the service, he/she shall be deemed to have accepted all provisions of the contract and that the contract shall enure to him/her.

The USER shall indemnify from any and all damages incurred by due to its contrary to the obligations undertaken by this contract and will not be liable for any damages and/or damages that may have to pay to public institutions and/or third parties due to the administrative/judicial penalties for the USER.

4. Rights and Obligations of

4.a. acknowledges and agrees that the member shall be availed contractual services except for technical failures, and that only the personal information shared by the member shall be shared with third parties or organizations except for legal requirements.

In the event that the member commits any electronic sabotage that would prevent the site from functioning, attempts any action and/or attack to intervene the profits, or a criminal complaint from the official authorities or a request for official investigation is received, has the right to research and disclose the identity of the member.

4.b. may make unilateral changes to this contract without notice to ensure continuity of the services it commits. always has the right to temporarily or permanently stop the service provided unilaterally without any justification, to change the content of the service or to cancel it.

The member shall accept this in advance. will update the renewed current usage conditions under the same link and update the new date on the site and if necessary, and will be notified to the member by e-mail.

The renewed current terms of use shall be effective as of the date of publication on and the use of the site or services of shall be subject to renewed terms of use from then on.

Membership of a member who has submitted materials contrary to the provisions of this contract to can be terminated unilaterally by without any notice.

4.c. The User shall be deemed to have given consent to any commercial electronic communications sent to him by after reading and agreeing to these terms and conditions of membership and use. In this context, the User agrees that may send an electronic message to the User for informational, marketing and / or advertising purposes without prior permission from the User via automated dialing systems such as fax, e-mail, text messaging, without the intervention of the person, or through other means of communication.

The user may refuse to accept electronic communications under these terms of use without giving any reason at any time. For this purpose, making a request by using the contact information provided in or in the message shall be sufficient. shall make it possible for the resignation request to be forwarded to it in an easy and free way. Upon receipt of the request, shall immediately fulfill this request.

Entry into Force of the Contract

Since he/she completed the registration procedures, the member is deemed to have accepted the terms specified in this contract and the contract is deemed to have entered in force. The contract shall automatically abate without any notification in case the membership is terminated or any of the terms of termination is violated which are specified in this contract.

Competent Court and Settlement of Disputes

İstanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices shall be authorized şn the settlement of disputes arising from this Contract.

Notification Addresses

7.a. site does not ask for postal addresses in advance. However, the e-mail address that the member notifies to shall be accepted as the electronic mail address by which the legal address will be learned for any notifications related to this contract.

7.b. The parties agree that any request for the former emails shall be deemed to be valid and have been made to them, unless the parties have notified the other party in writing of the changes in the existing email within 3 (three) days.

7.c. Any notification by using its registered e-mail address shall be deemed to be received by the user 1 (one) day after the e-mail has been sent by The USER declares, acknowledges and agrees that it has read, understood, acknowledged and given the information it has given to itself in all the articles contained in this accession agreement.

Best Regards,

Ethics and Reputation Society (TEİD)