Atty. Altuğ Özgün


Ethics and Compliance Director of Astellas Pharma

Altuğ Özgün graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Law. After getting master’s degree on European Union Law at the same school, he went into profession as a self-employed lawyer in Özgün Law Office. Afterwards, he worked as legal counsel/board member at Eastpharma/Deva Holding and legal and compliance manager at Beckman Coulter respectively. Altuğ Özgün continued his career Legal and Compliance Manager at Sandoz (Novartis) until very recently.

Currently, Altuğ Özgün has been working as Director of Ethics and Compliance at Astellas Pharma. His main areas of concern are anti-corruption laws, health sector compliance programs, corporate law, labor law, white collar crimes, internal investigations and personal data protection.